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Download handy tools
Crystal Disk Info - shows HDD status, including SMART, rotation speed, hours in use
   or download from RN server
CPU ID - shows exact info about CPU, motherboard BIOS, memory configuration

Keyboard LEDs - shows status of Caps, Num, Scroll locks in icon in system tray
Microsoft Process Explorer
Microsoft PS Tools
- including pskill
Old calculator
- replace hideous Windows 10 calc with one that looks like the previous versions
ShowMan - displays how much disk space folders are using
SafeMSI - enables software to be uninstalled while Windows is in Safe Mode
RegSeeker by Hoverdesk - enables mass find and delete of Registry keys
InSpectre from GRC - shows the status of SPectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities

Utilities to find license keys:
License Crawler   ProduKey   Belarc Advisor (will find Adobe keys)
Monroe links & tools
Dell links
Check warranty status     Transfer ownership
NetMotion Installers
Version 11.04
Version 10.71
Version 09.20