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MS CSP customer acceptance

RN Secure Backup
Other useful links

Download handy tools
Crystal Disk Info - shows HDD status, including SMART, rotation speed, hours in use
   or download from RN server
CPU ID - shows exact info about CPU, motherboard BIOS, memory configuration

MiniTool PartitionWizard Free - adjust, merge, delete, resize partitions
MiniTool ShadowMaker Free - backup restore and clone disks

Keyboard LEDs - shows status of Caps, Num, Scroll locks in icon in system tray
Microsoft Process Explorer
Microsoft PS Tools
- including pskill
Old calculator
- replace hideous Windows 10 calc with one that looks like the previous versions
ShowMan - displays how much disk space folders are using
SafeMSI - enables software to be uninstalled while Windows is in Safe Mode
RegSeeker by Hoverdesk - enables mass find and delete of Registry keys
InSpectre from GRC - shows the status of SPectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities
Iperf - free tool to test network speed

Utilities to find license keys:
License Crawler   ProduKey   Belarc Advisor (will find Adobe keys)
Monroe links & tools
Confluence Links & tools
Dell links
Check warranty status     Transfer ownership
VPN Client Installers
NetMotion Version 11.40 (compatible with Windows 10 1803)
NetMotion Version 11.04
NetMotion Version 10.71
NetMotion Version 09.20

ZyXel SecuExtender (SSL VPN)
ZyXel SecuExtender for Mac (SSL VPN)
ZyXel ZyWALL Client (IPSec VPN)